Here you will find some Access and Privacy Resources on a number of subjects.¬† Many of these resources have been prepared by Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Offices in other Canadian jurisdictions.¬† There may, therefore, be some variances in how the law applies in the Nunavut and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office for clarification.¬† That said, all of the information in these resources is helpful and they generally contain “best practices” that apply equally throughout the country.

Printing Sensitive Information

Joint Statement on the Use of Tracing Apps

Access to Information in Extraordinary Tiime

Work from Home

Planning for Success – PIA Guide (Ont OIPC)

Guidance Document – Cannabis Transactions and PIPA (OIPC BC)

FPT Resolution on privacy and political parties (EN) September, 2018

FPT Resolution on privacy and political parties (FR) September, 2018

Lesson Plan 1 – Putting the Toothpaste back in the Tube

Lesson Plan 2 – Value of Privacy

Lesson Plan 3 – Privacy Rights of Children and Teens

Best Practices for Managing the Use of Personal Emails and Text Messages (Sask)

Privacy Tips Poster – EN

Privacy Tips Poster -FR

Smart City РJoint Letter to Minister of Infrastructure  April 25, 2018

Guidance – Body Worn Cameras

Guidance – Electronic Health Record Systems (Alberta)

Guidance – Instant Messaging and Personal Email Accounts – Meeting Your Obligations (Ontario)

Mobile Devices – Tips for Privacy and Security