What We Can Do

The role of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) is set out in the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

The Commissioner’s role includes:

  • providing independent review and resolution of decisions made by public bodies in response to access to information requests under Nunavut’s access and privacy laws;
  • investigating privacy complaints regarding the collection, use or disclosure of personal  information by public bodies;
  • investigating any matter relating to the application of the Act, whether or not a review is requested;
  • conducting inquiries to decide issues of fact and law, and issuing recommendations to public bodies;
  • reviewing privacy breach complaints against Territorial public bodies and making recommendations for resolution of such complaints;
  • providing comments and recommendations on legislative schemes or programs that have implications for access and privacy rights;
  • providing comments on the privacy and security implications of using or disclosing personal information for record linkages or for performing data matching;
  • providing advice and recommendations of general application respecting the rights or obligations of stakeholders under the Act.